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Tea Phases, once Teatime Designz started in 2014 with the idea of designing jewelry influenced by the ceremony of tea. As my tea knowledge base grew, so inturn my knowledge of the Divine which led to creating jewelry with real tea leaves, gemstones, herbs and metaphysical resin. Tea is more than a beverage to me; it’s spirituality. My mission is to share this passion and knowledge with you.

My name change to Tea Phases was a significant step in this direction and speaks to the journey I’ve taken and the student, I’ve become.

The very first symbol to be apart of my logo was the tea plant, represented by the stem, leaves, and blossoms.

Together, they symbolize birth, life, death, and renewal.

The sacred geometry of the flower of life mandala features dozens of tiny circles overlapping simulating flower petals opening up. Its movement and simple symmetrical design aide its beauty, and for me, has an energetic pull to the New Moon.
The New Moon’s energy denotes new beginnings, and flourishes with creativity, and sweet contemplation.

“I begin my journey today, with a full cup & open heart.”
– Tea Phases Oracle

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