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Teatime Designz just had it’s 2nd show of the year

and it was pretty darn good.

The day before Easter proved to be a beautiful day. The long drive was quite and calm. This would be my 2nd year and my 5th show. Lots of energy filled the room as fellow craftsmen, makers and artists scrabbled to put their displays together.

I thought it was time for a change and switched up my display layout. Before, I had a flat display with silver boxes spread out atop a white a covering, but this time I decided to build the display upward. This gave me height and allowed a quick view for onlookers as they passed by without having to lean over my table, as in previous shows.

With the help of my Blacksmith husband, he forged metal stands that enabled me to take my silver boxes and lean them upright at a 25* angle. I drilled and fashioned 3 ornately decorated door pulls on each box top to hang my pendants from.

The added height in my display gave me unexpected room to sit behind and not crowd my customers as they approached my table. It also gave me a place to eat lunch, take notes and write receipts without being seen. Overall, my new display layout felt cozy, friendly and welcoming. It also made me feel more professional and on trend with other like minded shops.

Something I took away from previous shows and incorporated into this one, was a diagram, if you will. A sort of decorative sign that helped to explain my pendants. I know how obviously this sounds, but what I create is so unique that explaining it to tea newbies, spiritually inclined customers and complete beginners needed to be simple, but yet engaging.

As most of you know, I do ALL of my own photography and photography has become a new passion of mine because of it. My Husband suggested, taking one of my more recent photo shoots and breaking down the pendant from there. Lucky for me an average photo shoot lends 25 – 100 photos which means, lots to choose from.

Teatime Designz Sign, Tea Infused and Crystal Healing

The advertisement diagram proved to be a winner. Without me even having to say, “There is REAL tea in there…” people read the poster and just got it, giving me a smile and a “a ha” reaction. From here, I was free to explain the energy, meaning and message of each pendant. It was fun for all of us I think!

An unexpected surprise from this show was customers picking up the pendants, closing their eyes and feeling the energy. This brought me so much unexpected joy, there are no words to describe it.

Each pendant is cleansed by sage, blessed by the full moon and imbued with the intention or message made for that pendant. To have people say, “I can feel the energy” was amazing. One particular customer held a pendant and as she closed her eyes she began to cry. I have had customers cry before, but this was different. The pendant made of peacock ore, brought to the surface a memory of her Father that had recently passed away. She was shocked, to say the least, upon opening her eyes, I reached out and held her palm in mine and thanked her for sharing this memory and moment with me. Her husband was very comforting and told me, “I knew there was a reason we came to this fair today.” This moment and message is one I will never forget!

Moments, like the one above are why I create the pendants I do. Tea, crystals, and intentions create energy and it’s this energy I work with when designing. I’m slowly working on a project that will help to better explain this energy and will provide a How-to-guide for wearing my pendants.

Things have been a little slow for me this year, on social media side, as I deal with personal circumstances, but rest assure, I AM HERE and I will continue to create new designs and be apart of NEW shows. Speaking of shows, I have one set for July. More details coming soon!

Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you.

Sending tea blessings your way.

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