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Tarot Readings & Intuitivi-tea Sessions

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Intuitivi-tea Readings

  • Completely Private (Allow 1-5 Days depending on type of read)
  • Materials: You will receive a Detailed PDF & Photo straight to your inbox
  • Open to Anyone who seeks
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Tarot cards carry a wealth of information and insight with them. Together with your Guides and mine, we will uncover truths and guidance. The cards in your selected reading will give you a deeper understanding of your current situation and provide guidance for your next steps. Each spread will come with an in-depth PDF including: A photo of your spread, tea suggestions and gemstone suggestions too. My goal is to support and nourish your mind and body.

About Me: Tarot has been apart of my life for over 20 years, conducting daily reads for myself, spreads for family, friends and close quintessences and now it’s my pleasure to open this space to you. From time to time we all need further guidance about careers, love, relationships and to find our purpose.

DON’T TEASE ME: “3 CARD SPREAD” 2 – Day Turn-around
This is a 1 Question Spread, that lets you know where you are in your current cycle, what obstacle is your way and what message do your Guides have for you. This Spread is ideal for the person who wants to cut to the chase and move forward. 3 cards spreads are ruled my Mercury and denote goals to be achieved and endeavors to be undertaken.

This is a 1 Question Spread about prioritizing. Great for business and relationships. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single steep.” This is perfect for the person who wants to know what there next step is. The first card will discuss, what you will do now and second will discuss what you will accomplish later. 2 Card Spreads denote partnerships and interactions between male and female energies.

BREW CAN DO IT!: “I CARD SPREAD” 1 –  Day Turn-around
This is a positivi-tea spread giving you a little insight in your current situation and provide a direction. This Spread is perfect for those who are new to tarot and a little curious. 1 card spreads symbolize new beginnings. They denote new enterprises, or achievements through creativity.

This is a perfect spread for more complicated question or for more personal guidance. Together we will discuss your question and come up a with a unique spread that fits for you. I will draw as many cards as I am guided to do. This spread take a lot of energy and may take 2-3 days to put together. 5 or more card spreads are about energy and what motivates us. They denote the purpose of our actions and the energy behind them.

BREW YOUR BUSINESS: “10 CARD SPREAD” 4-5 – Day Turn-around
This is a perfect spread if you’re new to business or you’re looking to grow and expand your business even further. Together and steep by steep we will discuss: your purpose and calling, how to bring that calling into your business, how you can offer your authentic business to your customers, what you need to focus on in the next 1-2 months, future potential plus a 6 month and 12 insight for you year. 10 or more card spreads relate to the sun and moon. They represent completion and the combining of these two energies into  a unity.

12 Cups Ahead SPREAD: “14 CARD SPREAD” 5 – Day Turn-around
Why not kick off the year or your birth year with a little magic. This is the ultimate story, being foretold, month by month about you.  12 cups includes 1 card for each month with an additional theme card and Spirit Guide advice card. I want you to come away from your reading feeling empowered and ready to confront whatever choices may lie ahead. Tarot just gives you that extra boost of confidence you need to continue on your life’s journey. 10 or more card spreads relate to the sun and moon. They represent completion and the combining of these two energies into  a unity.

I will be adding a new spreads in the coming days and year ahead spreads as well. So please check back!

This is for fun, guidance and entertainment and does not take the place of medical advice or the advice of your counselor.

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Intuitivi-tea Readings

Don't Tease Me, Stay One Steep Ahead, Brew Can Do It!, Thirstea Spread, 12 Cups Ahead, Brew Your Business

4 reviews for Tarot Readings & Intuitivi-tea Sessions

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This woman right here is a blessing in my life. I always like to think that the universe puts people in our lives at exact moment we need them. If you haven’t meant Amanda from @teatimedesignz your missing out. She gave me a breath taking reading. One that I needed to hear deeply. And well with that being said the shop is going in a new direction something I have been thinking of for a long time. Guys Amanda is a amazing person and friend. And I trust my life to her. So Amanda thank you for a incredible reading. Ur passionate and brilliant. And a ray of sunshine. You are the REAL DEAL!

  2. Emailed Reviewer

    Stay One Steep Ahead

    Thank you SO MUCH! I’ve read it and I’m in complete agreement. Decisions, they must be spoken. Much love and delicious tea time to you!


  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maria Romerez

    Thirstea Spread
    You have no idea how much I appreciate this and you are beyond amazing. You have an amazing gift. I’m beyond grateful.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Emailed Reviewer

    Stay One Steep Ahead
    Just as I opened your email this morning….I was drinking a cup of black tea (my fave Cardamom French Toast
    blend). And after reading this, I raced around gathering your recommended gem stones! Aquamarine in my left hoodie
    pocket and sodalite in my right hoodie pocket……then I meditated with a chunk of amethyst in my left hand. I’m gonna
    wear these puppies out!!!

    Thank you so much for this awesome reading!!! Such a unique blending of your passions! The cards themselves
    make sooooo much sense.

    And the light-headedness and pain in the right shoulder are spot on! While I was working…..I had to constantly
    reach to my right in order to operate my automated instrumentation which caused neck and shoulder
    pain (that is easing up now). BUT…..I also have chronic pain on most of the right side of my body (hip all the way down
    to my foot). The light headed issue is lack of direction, indecision, fear and although I know better……blame.

    Anyway…..thank you again for this reading! I’m gonna print this out and keep it by my desk…..along with my
    Benebell Wen Darkness and Light report that I got awhile ago. ⚡️🔮⚡️


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