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“I SLAY” – Garnet, Root Chakra Tisane, Hawthorne Thorns, Merlot Mica, Magick

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Perfect gift for the Slayer

  • Handmade
  • Materials: SGarnet, Root Chakra Tisane, Hawthorne Thorns, Merlot Mica, Magick
  • Shipping US and Canada (Email for other locations)

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“I’m the thing that monsters have nightmare about.” ~ Buffy

Inspired by, Buffy from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” If Buffy wore a tea pendant, would be it! This pendant offers protection against magic, protection against energy vampires and root chakra balance and support.
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Garnet is a stone that is multifaceted in its powers. It resonates with your life essence while providing a natural field of protection against the malicious, supernatural forces of the world. This stone can assist in manifesting natural talents, gifts, wishes and dreams. The more you work with this stone, the more intently your gifts become.
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Root Chakra Tisane
“I AM a Divine Being of Light, I AM Peaceful, Protected & Secure.”
Catnip, Astragalus, Hibiscus, Dandelion Root, Wood Betony, Sassafras
🕸CATNIP: Soothing sleep aid, nerve sedative, eases internal stress & anxiety, aids PMS tension
🕸ASTRAGALUS: Improves immune responses, aids recovery from exhaustion, helps restore adrenal function
🕸DANDELION ROOT: Cleanses the liver, assists removal of accumulated toxins within the body & improves mood
🕸WOOD BETONY: Soothes indigestion, lowers blood sugar levels & may bring relief from pain & tension
🕸SASSAFRAS: Quickly removes toxins from the blood while imparting pleasant flavor
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Hawthorne Thorns
Used to make vampire stakes. According to historical records, hawthorn is considered to be a very magical wood. It stimulate the heart and promotes forgiveness. It is a tree protected by fairies and used in spells for protection against witchcraft. According to History its also a wood favored by Witches for their brooms. The original May poles were made of hawthorn.

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This pendant will come beautifully wrapped and with a teabag filled with the very tea, used in the pendants design. It is made with tea, herbs, garnet, metaphysical resin and sterling silver. This Pendant has been blessed by full moon oil and it ready to take on the energy and protect it’s new owner.

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