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"Intuitivitea" Collection

Comes with a Guidebook, Guide Cloth and Two Tea Dice bundled together in a Keepsake Bag.

~ After Dec. 1st Moon Phases Teas will NOT be included with your Collections. ~

"Intuitivitea" Guidebook

Learn what it means to be a practicing Tea Witch while steeping your way through the moon phases and discovering the inherent magick of tea leaves. “Intuitivitea” is a personal and intuitive way of engaging with the Divine through the use of tea casting, also known as divination.

The book is 6″ x 9″ and 65 pages. These pages include:

15 Full Color Images

70pt Vibrant Pages

Diagrams, Rituals, Tarot Spreads, Sacred Space and much more.

By aligning yourself with the Moon’s cycles and ingesting your intentions, you mindfully harness the divine energy of the moon, while nurturing your life. Awakening a connection within you to the natural world.

Attuning your purpose with the awareness of the Moon’s phases will enhance your intuition and instincts. Not all projects, goals or activities can be completed in short cycles -however- working with the lunar cycle can assist you with harnessing their lessons and benefits.

Included in the Guidebook there is: New Moon Tea Infusion, Full Moon Tea Infusion, Waxing Moon Tea Infusion and Waning Moon Tea Infusion. The Moon stirs our emotions and amplifies our connectedness to the natural world around us. The Phases speak to the human spirit of both men and woman. Being connected and following in-sync with the Moon, allows for energy healing and the recharging of our energy fields.

“Intuitivitea” is a personal and intuitive way of engaging with the Divine through the use of tea casting, also known as divination. Tea casting allows the intuitive mind to meditate on a situation, opening space for guidance to the answers we seek.
Starting with white tea, each chapter will thoughtfully explain and lead you through production, affinity, moon phases and messages. What you will gain in doing so will reawaken within you a relationship between nature and the physical world. Tea will begin to take on a new meaning beyond health and wellness. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself spiritually connected to one of the four varieties and it’s moon phase. Embrace it!
Included in the Guidebook are three unique Tarot Spreads. Each intuitively created to assist you with your intentions and manifestations.

New Moon Spread (2 Card Spread)

Full Moon Spread (2 Card Spread)

Infinity Spread (5 Card Spread)

There is also information about creating a Sacred Space, Crystals for specific energies and you will learn what it means to be a Tea Witch.

Building this Spirituali-tea Universe has been an awakening and is my gift to you. Almost as soon as the Guide Cloth manifested on my snack plate of cheese and crackers, I knew the knowledge being presented, would have a more profound impact, beyond my spiritual practice. It would be a new way of corresponding with the Divine for many.

Amanda May

Author, Intuitivitea

"Intuitivitea" Guide Cloth

Available in White, Blue and Black.

 The guidecloth is 24″ x 24″ and made from a soft, polyester blend. The print is vibrant and thoughtfully detailed.

Handmade Tea Dice

~ Made with tea leaves and intention. ~

Tea Leaf Dice

  • Black Tea Dice: Symbolizes the Sacred Feminine Energies with different Divinatory Meanings for each of the four tea variants.
  • White Tea Dice: Symbolizes the Sacred Masculine Energies with different Divinatory Meanings for each of the four tea variants.

These dice together provide balanced support of both Yin and Yang and the sacred union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.

This Guide Cloth and Book will assist you with discernment of the future, tea, energy and spirit. The two dice will give a unique and loving approach to your situation or question. Amanda May

Author, Intuitivitea

Moon Phase Teas

  • New Moon Tea: White Tea and the New Moon partner beautifully, both supporting each other with communication, creation, and gradual change.
  • Waxing Moon Tea: Green Tea and Waxing Moon partner beautifully, both supporting each other, with a dual force of yin & yang, and feminine & masculine zest.
  • Full Moon Tea: The Full Moon and Black Tea harmonize beautifully, both cleansing and revealing.
  • Waning Moon Tea: The Last Quarter Moon and Pu’er Tea ruminate beautifully, tempering the spirit and harmonize the mind.

You will receive a high-quality, full-leaf tea bag for each of the 4 major phases to assist you in your first Tea Phase Rituals.

As you sip your tea, connecting with both the Moon and Earth, think of it as potion for change, manifesting your thoughts, emotions, and intent with divine energy.

BONUS : Each Order Will Be Accompanied with a

~ A signed copy of the Guidebook, from me to you, AND a "1 Card Tarot Reading" (until Dec. 1st) to let you know how this "Intuitivitea" Collection will benefit and work with you! ~

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