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DIY Crystal Infused Water

Crystal Essence Water, the Elixir of Life: DIY Crystal Infused Water. Like everyone else, I was intrigued by the idea of crystal infused water and wanted to try it for myself, in a more DIY capacity. With this blog post, I hope to explain how crystals infuse our...

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My 2016, Year in Review

As the year-end approaches, it can be all too easy to steep emotions, sip feelings, swallow hardships and forget to stir in your successes. I began this year with renewed vigor. Christmas, of 2015, had brought an insane amount of clarity and with that surge of...

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Show was a bust!

The night before, I was filled with anticipation, which in turn caused nervous knots in my stomach. This was the show I’d waited for all year and would be my biggest one yet. Boasting 2000 or more visitors! I laughed warmly and calmed myself before reading my email...

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Pendants & Badge Reels

This is the middle of my second year in business and Teatime Designz continues to amaze me. Everyday, new ideas and inspiration come to me. I’m continually sketching and jotting down notes for pendants, mugs and apparel. If you could see my Mac laptop at home you...

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Tea, Camping & Memories

The year was 2005, I was in my second year of College, attending the Art Institute of Colorado, going for my degree in Graphic Design; when my now Husband, invited me to go camping with his family. My family was not the adventurous type and therefore never explored...

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