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This would be my second year in a row as a
Vendor at the Dushanbe Teahouse.

Unlike the year before, I knew what to expect and had more confidence in myself and my creativity. What I didn’t expect was the weather. The previous year had been so hot, which I didn’t miss, and full of sunshine, which I did. Saturday morning, we loaded the Dakota, filled our mugs with tea and headed to Boulder. The closer we got, the darker the sky and suddenly, I was nervous. Worry clenched at my stomach, all the while I’m saying, “All will be well.” Bad weather threatened the chance for customers.

When we arrived, I was pleased to have been placed in a different spot. At the previous year’s show, I was stationed in a corner, but this time around my table sat between two, wonderful and yummy, if I might add, tea companies. My very modest and clean display was given an upgrade and my booth had the presence of an intimate jewelry shop.


Lights, Camera, Jewelry

Within minutes of setting the stage, I was graced with my first customer. She gravitated immediately to my Bookish Teacup Earrings and got a kick out of the design. I nodded and said, “Gotta support my glass wearing Gals!”


The live Tea Demonstration was going extremely well and I noticed, what looked like double the attendance from last year. This made me hopeful. Regardless of the rain and dreary weather, people came out and were excited about tea. Something new to the table this year, was my sign. I took one of my product shots and broke it down. Arrows pointed to the tea and the crystals while the copy spoke about spirituality. It made me smile every time a Customer read the sign and just got it! “There is REAL tea in there” they would say. The evolution of my display seems to grow from every show.


This past Christmas, my Hubby bought me two amazing books on tea and they really helped to assist my education. What one book graced over, another would go in-depth and I found it all just fascinating. 2017, would prove to be my most creative year yet with more ideas and collaborations being drawn to me. It also gave me the opportunity to talk more about energy and tea, which probably overwhelmed my customers, but they were kind and seemed to be totally into it with me.


For the first time ever, I introduced an essential oil blend called, New Moon Essence. This fragrance was made with real tea oil also called, camellia sinensis and blended with an assortment of oils that spoke to me. My motivation behind this blend came from the need to wear a fragrance that filled me with happiness and reminded me to be grateful, even in times of hardship. My understanding of the Moon, it’s energy and cycles aided in the development of this essence also. >> Read more here.

On the first day, an hour into the event I met an incredibly interesting and thoughtful woman. She loved my jewelry and understood the marrying of the two elements. We chatted about energy, the new moon, London and tea of course. She ended up buying several pendants and 3 bottles of New Moon Essence. I asked to take a photo with her, because meeting her was magic.

I received so many compliments and each sale was so special. Woman and Men bared their emotions and shared their reflections as to why they were drawn to one particular pendant over another. Customers buying for loved ones would share the characteristics of the person they were buying for. Several times during the event we would both cry together. Call me an empath, if you want, but feeling the emotions of someone else and what it means to them to have this pendant, fills me with such joy and I can’t help, but cry and be in the moment.

On the second day, we were placed near the front entrance of the Teahouse.

Only four vendors had displays that day. Unlike the day before, the sun was shining and it was hot! There seemed to be a festival happening across the way and it brought over curious customers with fresh eyes.

Me and my husband were so tired from the day before, so we welcomed the Sunday slow down and sun shiny weather. Saturday had proved to be an extraordinary first day. I nearly sold my entire inventory. The shock of this left me speechless on the drive home. After the days reflections, a satisfying dinner and a glass of wine, I began planning for the next day. I sat comfortably at our kitchen table, that also dubs as my workstation and began polishing other pendants I had left behind and made one more pair of bookish teacup earrings. It was a cozy place to be.

Soon lunch time arrived and our tummies were growling, so we decided to order from the teahouse. If you have the chance to visit, order the American Breakfast, it was so filling and the spiced potatoes really hit the spot. The day before I sold one of my hand painted Full Moon Goddess pendants. Each month, I capture moon water by placing a dish of filtered water under the full moon’s raises. The moon water is then mixed with my acrylics paints. I use this same technique for my Gnome Doors.  These pendants carry feminine energy and assist its wearer to release what no longer serves them and guides their steps on their chosen path. The black tea also carries feminine energy and is connected to the full moon and together, these make one high vibe pendant.


We had just finished lunch, when a woman on a bike wearing an adorable helmet rolled up to my display. She placed her hand over her heart and said, “I wore your pendant last night and I could feel it’s healing energy.” She cried, I cried and together we hugged. She is a local tea company owner and had bought my Full Moon Goddess pendant the day before. Her declaration stayed with me throughout the day and every time I thought of her, I felt tears come to the surface. I’m crying now, as I relay these events to you. It’s these soulful connections and reactions that keep me going and remind me why I create what I do and remind me, I’m living my purpose.

Thank you so much for your support and sharing with me. Your patronage means everything to me. If you have a reflection you would like to share me about the product you purchased from me, I would love to hear about it! Please email me at:

I’m on the lookout for more upcoming shows and will announce them through my Newsletter and on my Facebook Event’s page.

Thank you and Tea Blessings to you!

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