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My Personal Journey to Understanding

Animal Spirit Guides are animals characterized as a teacher or messenger that come in animal form and have a direct relationship to an individual. You will have several Animal Spirit Guides throughout your lifetime. They come in and out of our lives to guide us, teach us about ourselves and help us maintain balance. They can enter our lives several different ways. They may enter a dream, physically cross paths with you or walk up to you during meditation.

My Spirit Guide journey was one born of curiosity. Christian values and beliefs were instilled early on in life. In my earlier years, I was very active in our family, Episcopal Church. I participated in plays, Sunday church group and was the Head Acolyte. An Acolyte performs ceremonial duties, such as lighting the candles before service. 

During a first-grade class reading, of the nativity scene, I remember being perplexed about the difference between God and Jesus. I distinctively remember feeling nervous, but also very curious as my hand shot up to ask a question. My very loving teacher saw my eagerness, smiled and asked, “Yes, Amanda you have a question?” Doing my best to contain my five-year-old energy, I clasped my hands in my lap and said, “Who was up in Heaven when Jesus was on Earth. Are God and Jesus, the same person?” My teacher was completely astonished by my question and a little ill-prepared by my eagerness. This was during a time when children sang the national anthem in school and celebrated Christian holidays, like Christmas.  She responded, “That is a great question Amanda, would you like to come up and read the next few pages to the class.” Her effort to distract me, by praising me, worked!

“Anytime you are working with Spirit Guides, there is an unspoken rule, and that is, you need to invite them. Spirit Guides will not just show up; you need to extend an invitation and ask to meet them and for their guidance.”

Around 2014, my curiosity of other beliefs and questioning my own, lead to enrolling in a Shamanism Class about Spirit Guides. By this time in my life, I knew there were Spirit Guides, and my knowledge of Angels also grew. Who knew there were so many, I digress. It would be many years before I would reconcile all that I had learned.

Our teacher was a renowned Shaman and incredibly gifted. Part of the curriculum was a phone in mediation. The time of the call, unfortunately, was right when I get off work, so I could only listen and not participate. At night, before sleep, I would put on nature sounds and practice what I learned earlier that day. For a long while, it was very frustrating for me. As others would comment in a private forum about their beautiful and extremely vivid experiences, I became less and less hopeful for my own.

Anytime you are working with Spirit Guides, there is an unspoken rule, and that is, you need to invite them. Spirit Guides will not just show up; you need to extend an invitation and ask to meet them and for their guidance. Another thing to point out, spirit guides are not bound by time, we are. So just because you ask for their help this morning, doesn’t mean they will show up tonight, prepared to conduct dream work.

The class ended, and I still had not seen or heard from my Spirit Guides. My knowledge and understanding were greatly increased, but my disappointment was overwhelming. I kept thinking of one particular classmate and her shared experiences. It seemed all she had to do was close her eyes and her Spirit Guides were on-call waiting. She described it as sitting around a campfire together, all relaxing, enjoying each others company, ready to share information or to be asked for guidance. Her experiences left something to envy.

The class had been over for two weeks, and in that time, decided to put my worries to rest for awhile. It was on an early Sunday morning while laying in bed with my eyes closed, the house still asleep; a thought popped into my head. It felt like a question that needed to be asked, and so I asked it. While laying there and with my mind’s eye, I said, “Are any of my Spirit Guides with me?” Suddenly, there was movement beyond the darkness of my eyelids. I turned over to my left shoulder and that’s when whiskers began to appear from behind the darkness. A veil was being lifted and an animal was walking towards me, slowly and precisely. To my astonishment, it was a large Black Panther moving nearer to the left side of my bed. “You are beautiful,” I thought, while piercing my eyes shut, forcing myself to stay in the moment . The scene reminded me of a black and white chalk drawing. She chose to represent herself to me in artform. The only color visible was the bright jade green of her eyes. Her fur seemed like silk, lit from an unknown source, highlighting her hair and whiskers. There were no words spoken and neither of us blinked. We just stared, taking in the moment.

I’m so grateful for this experience. She knew exactly how to approach me so that I would not be alarmed. This experience led to other Guide visits and more vivid interactions and messages.

“Black Panther, with her penetrating jade green gaze, evokes the sense that she is capable of looking into the future, hence this beautiful cat is closely linked to Seers and Prophets.”

Black Panther Spirit Guide

Black Panther as a Spirit Animal often comes to those who need protection. Panthers, generally speaking, are smaller than lions or tigers – yet far more fierce. The Panther Spirit Animal helps us navigate darkness, within and without. As we follow Her lead, we transform doubts into strengths so that we may inevitably be birthed into a new level of awareness.

Role: Prophet
Lesson: Reclaiming Power
Element: Fire/Water
Medicine: Shapeshifting

Prophet. Reclaiming Power. Mystery. Energy Awareness. Lunar Magic. Penetrating. Stealth. Shape shifting.

The green eyes represent a spiritual awakening and also a testing of fear as well as a blessing. Green is also represented by the heart chakra. My Black Panther is showing me great love and sees me as one of her own, ready to teach and lead me into new levels of consciousness.

I’ve loved black panthers all my life. As a little girl, I would cut out photos of them from nature magazines and post them onto my bedroom walls. Later on in College, I would meet my future husband, and his family crest is a black panther head. It feels as though, she was always with me, waiting patiently, sending messages through my thoughts. It was a truly incredible experience, and it’s not until you’ve had one of your own, will you fully understand, how not alone we are.

I understand now that my Black Panther Spirit Guide was my gatekeeper. With one visit she opened the doors and walked me down the path of spiritual knowledge.

If you are on a similar journey, have patience. Invite your Spirit Guides of the light to visit and guide you. Ask them to appear to you in a way you will remember and understand!

If you’ve had a Spirit Guide or Animal Spirit Guide experience. I would love to hear from you! Post your experience in the comments.

“Our Soul Allies light the fire in those initial visits, but it’s up to us to keep it burning.” 

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